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Kids Suits Information

When it comes to keeping your kids protected during water activities, it can be an ongoing battle. Kids are constantly outgrowing their old gear, but you still want to ensure that they have the best stuff to keep them protected from cool water temperatures, from abrasion, and of course, from the sun’s harmful UV rays. We offer a number of products in children’s and junior sizes, including rash guards, dive skins, and wetsuits. And of course, we’ve got the latest colors and styles so that your kids are happy to wear their gear.

Rash guards, also known as swim shirts, are almost essential for kids these days, if only because of the UV protection that they offer. They’re incredibly comfortable these days, and they’ll give you peace of mind with their extremely high UPF ratings. Sunscreen is hard to keep on when kids are spending all day in the water, so get a rash guard to provide them with the protection they need.

Dive skins are also available in children’s and junior sizes, and they offer an excellent level of protection above what a rash guard can provide. Suitable for either standalone use on warm days or as a layer beneath a wetsuit on cooler days, dive skins will ensure that your kids are protected and comfortable all day.

Kids wetsuits are also an ongoing challenge for you because you want to have one that fits properly, so that it’s doing its job of keeping your kids warm. We offer a wide range of kids wetsuits in a number of thicknesses and styles. Whether you need a thinner shorty model for warm water use or a thicker, full suit for cool water, we’ve got the kids wetsuits that you need.