Diving Duds

Dive Skin Information

When you’re getting involved in diving, you’re going to want to have a spandex or Lycra dive skin as an essential component of your diving apparel and equipment.

Dive skins are the lightest of all wetsuits, and can be used in two distinct ways. The first is as a standalone wetsuit if you’re diving in particularly warm water. In this case, they’ll provide you with the protection you need from things like jellyfish stings, abrasion from rocks and coral, and sunburn as well.

Secondly, and perhaps more commonly, dive skins are worn as a base layer underneath a heavier wetsuit. This makes getting a wetsuit on much, much easier, and getting it off a whole lot easier as well. Dive skins are much more comfortable than wetsuits are. Even if you don’t experience skin problems from neoprene, dive skins are much more comfortable than any wetsuit will be, and if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your suit, you’re going to want to make sure you’re comfortable.

Dive skins, while providing comfort and function, also provide some style as well, and help give you a bright, fashionable, sporty look. Along with the abrasion protection that they provide, they also offer UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Some of the other perks of dive skins include thumb loops to add another level of ease to putting a wetsuit on, rugged YKK zippers, and comfortable ankle stirrups.

Dive skins are an essential part of your underwater gear, so make sure you pick up a good one from us today.