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Diving Duds was founded in 1994 offering unique designer Lycra skins online. As our business grew we expanded our product offerings to include a full line of SCUBA and snorkeling gear, underwater cameras and accessories and sun protection apparel. We at Diving Duds are sun smart SCUBA enthusiasts with a passion for all water and beach activities. We are committed to providing leading edge SCUBA gear, accessories and performance apparel in order to give adults and kids the best quality and to assure the best protection from harmful UV damage, but do so in a fun and fashionable way. The sport of SCUBA, surfing, family, and water activities are only a few of the many health conscious subjects that energize our mission.

The Scuba Premium Accessories for GoPro Hero 4,3,2,1

only $32.99

Storm Scuba Divers Guiding Stick with Signaling Device

only $19.98

Scuba Choice Diving Dive Compass with Retractor

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Deluxe Diver Tool & Repair Kit

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Sink The Stink Wetsuit Cleaner 4oz Bottle

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Fury Dive Knife, 9-Inch Rubber Grip with Secure Sheath and Leg Straps

only $11.10

Today we provide excellent rash guards and sun protective clothing for SCUBA, Snorkeling, Surfing, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Sailing and all water sports/activities. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and excitement. We offer the latest underwater digital camera and video products to enhance your vacation and leisure time activities.

Diving Duds hope we can make your life happier, healthier, safer, and of course, more exciting and fun.