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  • 1.5MM Kevlar Velcro Glove

    1.5MM Kevlar Velcro Glove

    1.5MM Kevlar Velcor Glove


  • Analog 3 Gauge Console

    Analog 3 Gauge Console

    These reliable consoles provide outstanding accuracy and durability — and , as their name suggests, they are very compact. Clip anchors allow secure connection with AKONA’s Quickclip™ and ProKit™ systems.


  • X-Pert Zoom Full Fin

    X-Pert Zoom Full Fin

    The FF-9 X-Pert Zoom Full Foot fin provides more speed and power with less effort and fatigue than traditional paddle blade full-foot fins. The FF-9 is a super thin, lightweight design, yet it generates maximum performance and comfort with minimum strain on the leg muscles.