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  • Fiji Stick

    Fiji Stick

    12" stainless steel rod with lanyard. Great as an underwater signaling device, pointer, prying tool and an easy way to stay off the reef.


  • Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale

    Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale

    This is the best portable luggage scale on the market a must have tool for every traveler, airport baggage handler, skycap, or anyone else who needs a portable solution to weigh items while traveling. Only this luggage scale allows you to read the weight after setting down the luggage.


  • Exceed Execute Full Wetsuit

    Exceed Execute Full Wetsuit

    Exceed Execute men's 3/2MM full wetsuit. The Jumpsuit is warm, comfortable and durable. It's the perfect suit for all cold water activities. GBS seams that stretch with the suit and keep water out. Flexible, waterproof seam tape.